All the in-depth experience and expertise you need to guarantee the success of your next project.

Unrivalled Experience Means Unparalleled Results

Quality copywriting has the potential to transform your business into an amazing money-making machine. It is perhaps the most critical component in making your offer a success. So you can’t afford to compromise when choosing the best writer for the job.

You certainly don’t want some wet-behind-the-ears junior who hasn’t yet learned the principles of persuasion. And you can’t afford to risk your business on a non-native English speaker who offers to work at bargain basement rates. You know what they say – when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys…and that is certainly true in the world of professional copywriting.

With the success of your entire sales funnel on the line, you need to work with the best in the business. And that’s why many of the world’s biggest companies choose to work with me, time and time again. With decades’ of experience in the trenches, I know how to write copy that delivers the results you need to drive increased revenues and bigger profits.

A Long History of Success

Few professional writers active today can rival my in-depth experience and expertise in writing business copy of all kinds. After studying Journalism at the London College of Printing, I started my career as a report, sub-editor and then magazine editor.

After switching to the corporate world, I started my own business as a freelance writer and marketer, specializing in high-converting copy for major business projects. Since then, I have continued to work on both online and offline projects.

Over the years, my experience has extended to include all areas of online marketing – from search engine optimization and pay-per-click management to media buying and affiliate program management. With quality copywriting at the core of every project, I have been able to run integrated campaigns that have delivered millions of dollars in revenue.

An Extensive Portfolio of Blue-Chip Clients

In my years as a professional copywriter, I have worked with some of the biggest and most successful corporations, including:

· Apple

· Microsoft


· Morgan Stanley

· Barclays Bank

· Hewlett-Packard

· Coca Cola

· AT&T

· Ericsson

· Vodafone

· BT

Partnering with Online Giants

As a specialist in writing high-converting sales copy, I have also attracted the attention of many of the world’s most successful online marketers. I have undertaken numerous highly-successful projects for high-profile ClickBank Platinum vendors and other successful merchants.

Offers and sales funnels created by me have gone on to generate many millions of dollars in revenue, often producing tens of thousands of dollars in sales per day during the launch phase.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

While my depth of experience goes back many years, my approach to marketing is firmly at the cutting edge. I believe in using the latest and most advanced online tools, plugins and services to optimize every project.

I have extensive knowledge of technology such as:

· WordPress

· Search engine optimization

· Pay-per-click advertising

· Email marketing

· Facebook advertising

· Pinterest marketing

· Native advertising

Going the Extra Mile

The difference between a failed campaign and a highly-successful one comes down to the details. You need to use every option available to maximize conversion and improve profitability. I have extensive experience of critical tools such as:

· A/B and multivariate testing

· Advanced SEO tools

· Mobile-first technology

· Upsells, cross-sells and downsells

· Landing page optimization

A Commitment to Every Project

For me, copywriting is a vocation – a life calling. I love the challenge of starting a new project and turning an idea into a profitable revenue stream. Because of this, every project gets my full attention. I have worked successfully on projects promoting everything from bodybuilding blogs to Thailand retirement visa consultancy.

I limit the number of projects I take on so that I can give every job my full attention. You can be sure that when you work with me, you will not only get great copy – you will get a professional partner all the way through the project.

Let’s Talk

Whether you are still at the planning stages of your project, or ready to turn your ideas into action, I will be happy to talk to you about the possibilities. Please feel free to get in touch at any time…I would love to hear from you.

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